Some Pointers of Lawn Care Especially During Summer

We find that summer is a very tough time to take care of our lawns. We would find various problems concerning our lawn, but with the aid of lawn services and even simple lawn care practices, we can get through in taking care of our lawn during the warm season.

In taking care of your lawn, the first consideration would be to get the help from a lawn care service, and they should not be difficult to find in your area. It is suggested though that you take a look at their offers especially low price may mean also low quality of service. Firstly, you ask for the cost of their basic lawn care, before getting another quote for other lawn services like landscaping or lawn fertilizing. It is also good to ask the kind of products they use, the kind of grass seeds that they have, and others. Note that a reputable lawn company will not be hesitant to give you the names and product brands of the products they use, from grass seed blends to fertilizers and pest controls.

Another way of checking out how reliable is the lawn care company is to ask what techniques they use that will help improve your soil and grass. A home lawn care program is a very important aspect in taking care of your lawn and note that not all companies can give you this service. Among the lawn services that you may want them to include in their quotation are lawn seeding, overseeding, topdressing, lawn aeration and hand weeding.

Among the lawn care practices that you can perform, watering is the most important for your lawn especially during the summer months. If you practice the right lawn watering practices, your lawn will enable to send down roots to the soil’s deeper profile, would past the evaporation level and thus will lead to a heat and drought tolerant turf.

Be aware that if you have a home lawn that is already healthy before summer or winter arrives, will be a better solution to prepare your lawn for the harsh weathers, and so it is advisable to fertilize the lawns in spring or before winter comes.

To further protect or add insulation to the soil to prevent moisture loss, another good lawn care practice is mulch mowing the lawn. Take note that there are lawn weed and pest control that could be harsh to your lawn, and in this case, it is better to let a turf professional to handle this particular law care. Furthermore, be informed that it is not recommended to treat your lawn with weeds or pests chemical pesticides during the hottest days of summer.
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