The Simplicity and Elegance of a Classic Clawfoot Bathtub

You may recall how people love looking at simple things. Today, a lot of people are thinking about adding something of the past into their homes. The friendliness and homey appeal of a home cannot be found in today’s modern furniture and fixtures. Even the fixtures for the bathroom are today integrated with the latest technology.

Notice how simple yet inviting your grandparent’s home is every time you go to see them there. No flat-screen television, no curtains with remote control, simple kitchen appliances, plus those wonderful cookie jars. You may have even noticed their bathroom as being equipped with simple but lovely fixtures.

Even their bathtub features a traditional look. If you can install a clawfoot bathtub, it will provide that classic look to your bathroom. The clawfood bathtub is really popular among people looking to have a classic American appeal for their bathroom. It has a very simple design, but very lovely to look at.

There is a variety of different styles available for
clawfoot bathtubs. You should think about getting one that will match your bathroom even more. Clawfoot bathtubs can be made of acrylic or cast iron. The selection of styles also varies that includes dual, dual slipper, and roll top. You may also choose from several types of clawfoot bathtub feet, which includes a claw and ball, lion paw, imperial pedestal, as well as skirt.

As regards the two types of materials used to fabricate clawfoot bathtubs, the following are the basics you should be familiar with.
If you’re someone who is a firm traditionalist and prefers having a clawfoot bathtub that features an original look, you might want to look at a clawfoot bathtub made of cast iron. You will be able to paint and repaint these bathtubs, so that it matches with the d?cor of your bathroom. These bathtubs are weighty and are not ideal for those with bathrooms on the second floor of their home. And, due to its metal material, it cannot sustain heat extensively. One advantage of this type of bathtub is that it is longer-laster.

The acrylic tub in contrast is light weight as well as simple to transfer and install. It is likewise perfect for two-story baths since it is lightweight. Acrylic clawfoot bathtubs are superior insulator and are able to retain heat for an extended time. One of the disadvantages of the acrylic clawfoot bathtub is that it can break down whenever it gets in contact with cleaning chemicals that are very strong, for instance acetate.

You can likewise set up special types of faucets on the clawfoot bathtub. Look around, and then consider what clawfoot bathtub faucet design you would like for your own bathtub to have. If you would like your home to display a classical appeal, start redecorating the inside of your bathroom.

Installing a clawfoot bathtub in the bathroom can add a pleasing effect on everything around it.

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